o rybkách

What for?

Annoy you psoriasis, acne, warts or other sponge-like skin disease and medications do not help? Experience a whole new, natural and very effective method of therapy through the Garra rufa fishes.

Garra rufa ?

Carp fish family Cyprinidae Garra RUF / Cyprinion macrostomus / coming from the thermal springs in Turkey, Anatoly near Kangal, can survive in warm water to 36 ° C. Warm Springs has always been attracted to the baths and local residents have noted the beneficial effect of the bath for various skin ailments including psoriasis.


A significant proportion of the medicinal effects were attributed to just fish Garra RUF, allegedly excluded from the mouth secretions with healing effects. Because of this extreme environment is characterized by a notable lack of appropriate food, and probably for this reason you find the fish as a source of food for dead human skin. These findings were then at the start establishing the notorious mountain spa to treat skin diseases.

Really bite?

Garra rufa fish painlessly abrade the skin and rid it of excess and dead skin cells. Quite instinctively look for places where the skin is possible. By eliminating redundant, and non-cornified cells of fish to prevent skin infections. It causes skin diseases and subsequent visible skin damage.

Active Enzymes

The oral cavity of the fish species also contains an enzyme ditranol. Gently acid secretion during the abrasion of the skin are released directly into the small wounds that occur during non-traditional peeling. Ranks are so immediately disinfected. Enzymes also promote healing and restoration of the upper epidermal layer of skin. Rybka then removed from the skin what causes deterioration of skin diseases, while contributing to the healing process.

You do not need abroad...

Until recently, people this way or way of natural cosmetics have treatment abroad to visit, now offers this service for several centers in the Czech Republic. This form of service activity using fish as part of care in order to relax or to use the activity of fish as a natural form of skin peeling. Garra RUFA feeds decaying skin cells, helping to its regeneration. Fish therapy has achieved considerable popularity in the world in the field of cosmetics. The extension is particularly fish pedicure and manicure

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